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Other Projects

Monks Training Program

There are even 10000 temples in Sri Lanka. This program is to train the monks so that they can proceed as leading spiritual characters in order to steer the society towards peace and harmony.

The theme of the training is to build of a world, stranded in the village. The temple is closely bound with the devotees of the village who supply the four requisites such as food, robs, and medicine and also see to the building and maintains of the temple. This has been the practice for our 20 Centuries in the past the devotees supply there items in rotation. And there by they gain spirituality practicing the dhamma that is the preached and thus they improve the life.

Though this has been the age all practice our village is degenerated today. Are there various outside influences that corrupt society? Has the economy of village and the self-sufficiency broken down with the materialistic travel? The extreme poverty in the village has induced decisions of the community. The monks' responsibility in uplifting society is not taken seriously.

Inspire of all these deliberating influences the monk still receives common respect in the village. Therefore we must start reforming with sound understanding the current world situation and the issues relating to environment. These, in fact, are the task of Sadaham Sevana training program. To lodging with there will be two days of residential training.

  • 1. Organization and management of the temple.
  •      I. Maintaining the temple premises clean and exemplary neat and beautiful.
  •     II. Maintaining public relationship in the proper way.
  •    III. Maintaining records of social service rendered in the village meeting the public at the right time and place.
  • 2. Organizing special full moon day program and weekly programmers for devotees.
  • 3. The Schedule for the whole year must be made at the beginning of the year.
  • 4. Management of various groups of people and time table.
  •      I. Sharing responsibilities by all inmates of the temple.
  •     II. Caring out various tasks in daily schedule in the proper way.

Sudaharaka training

The name "Sudharaka" is bestowed on persons who are practicing more loving kindness than normal people. They are dedicated to up life the social order. There is an ongoing program for them being conducted for 2-10days in a residential atmosphere.

The intention is to train volunteers who are Dhamma Seekers. They possess a deep knowledge of the Dhamma and practice loving kindness and are capable of changing the minds of the masses and inspire them to a better way of life. They will perform themself at the temple and spread the Dhamma and promote social service and self-help at a village level.

Prevention Alcoholism

Smoking and practicing of intoxicants is a major contributory factor for mental and physical degeneration, one who is addicted to these vice, become proof and because displeased by society. Sri Lanka is known to be specially addicted to these two vices. Our Organization is involved with projects to prevent their widespread addiction.

Many researches are done to discover the root cause of addiction and this knowledge is given to a selected group who in there will educated the village at group toot level. In participate the temple will take function as a major role to dissemination knowledge.

Already laws have been enacted at parliament to control smoking and alcoholism. The law must be enforced by social groups in society.


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